• Rating=3959 Votes
  • directed by=Jonathan Milott, Cary Murnion
  • Lane Skye
  • genre=Action
  • A teenager's weekend at a lake house with her father takes a turn for the worse when a group of convicts wreaks havoc on their lives

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This is a great movie, it’s fairly gory but it was done very well. It also has a few funnier moments which kind of level it out. Kevin James has a slightly underwhelming performance, but good for his first serious film. It needs a sequel to explain the key, and the rest of Becky’s life. Can’t wait to see Becky 2.

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Beckys little mind is intense. She Is filled with rage and I love it.
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I’m sure most of everyone watched this movie for the same reason I did. Can Kevin James play a serious role? A villain at that? Well yes he can! He did a great job. The movie itself isn’t anything spectacular but a decent movie none the less.

It’s not high art but it is not pretentious either. It is not action packed but also not dragging along. It is what it is and that is a well structured basic revenge thriller flick with a sprinkle of gore.
Lulu Wilson is consistent throughout and her decent into rage is believable and entertaining. If she keeps this up, she’ll devine the thriller horror genre the next couple of decades.
The movie also allows Kevin James to show a new side of his range. He is a believable villain and this should give him confidence to do more rolls that differ fundamentally from the stuff he is known for.
Also a perfect example of the proper use of a mystery McGuffin in a movie. JarJar Abrams and Alex Kurtzman should take notice. This is how you use a mystery to drive a narrative.
Also very satisfying open ending. The Becky character is delightfully ambiguous when it comes to ethics. The movie seems to hint at her not being finished with violence and it is all to possible that she will not always be on the good side of the violence.

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